The most delicious chips you’ve ever had!

Maui Crisps are amazing! Made USDA Choice beef and sliced paper-thin for crispiness, these select beef jerky chips will set your taste buds a-tingling!

Healthy, low-fat, Low-carb nutrition

As well as being outrageously tasty, Maui Crisps are packed with protein – the perfect snack for an active lifestyle.

Maui Crisps are available to purchase at Ilima Shell Gas Station on Maui: 137 Kaahumanu Avenue, Kahului 96732 (808)877-4044

Our Story

Using only the best ingredients, we have captured the “local” flavor of the Hawaiian Islands in a unique & innovative style of beef jerky. Unlike regular jerky, our Maui Crisps are – CRISP! Small batches of paper-thin beef, marinated in our special sauces are expertly dried for a crunchy snack like no other. There are no added preservatives so you can rest assured that every bite of Maui Crisps not only tastes good, it’s good for you!

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